Go Vegan Bali's menu started way back in 1990 when mama met papa. With mama coming from a Chinese background she had always loved cooking, especially meat. However, when she met Papa, a lifelong vegan, she set out to prepare him something new other than the tired old menu he was used to. Almost 30 years later this has culminated in a successful restaurant in Jakarta along with Go Vegan Bali.


Our ingredients sourced locally from around Bali so that we can ensure that our food uses only the freshest ingredients that haven't traveled far. We carefully home-prepare our vegan meat from mushroom stems, soy, and soya.  It tastes so good you'll barely believe that it's not the real thing. 

Monday - Saturday (10:00 - 21:30)

Sunday (10:00 - 12:00)

Perumahan Allanna Prestige #D3,

Jl. Muding Buit, Kerobokan. 

For inquiries & orders, please contact: